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Parent Council

Dunoon Primary School
Parent Council/PTA
Wednesday, 1st March 2017 – 7:00pm
Morag Macdonald (substituting for Elaine Stewart) Mel Drummond
Karen MacGilp   Katie Martin  Jill Judd
Lindsey McPhail   Alison Munro  Julie Henderson
Maggie McLay   Efrat Dgany

Elaine Stewart  Chris Barrett  Ailsa Crofts
Maxine Simeone Ayshea Robertson Kirsty Garrod
Fiona Campbell  Morven Murphy

Parent Council update:
1. Head teacher’s update: 1) ES will be absent this week and next week due to illness. This week the school had a review by Our Local Authority. The outcome was very positive, they commented on how well behaved the pupils were and on the school’s good ethos. The school has yet to receive written feedback from the visit. 2) The council has released a new vision manifest. The teaching staff received this yesterday and are still studying it’s applications. After review, there will be a consultation with parents about it.  3) The government has handed out extra funding to close the attainment gap in schools across Scotland. This fund is called the Pupil Equity Fund and DPS will receive around £56K. They are hoping to see this fund turn into a yearly addition and not just a one-off sum. The aim of the fund is specifically to close the attainment gap and the school should be able to show positive outcomes in this area as a result of this. 4) Refurbishment update: Contractors should be on-site fencing off the old part of the school by Easter to start exterior works. Access to this part will only be from inside the school. As a result there will be a new fire escape plan put in place etc. The pupils will remain in their classes until the end of this school year and in August will no longer occupy the areas scheduled for refurbishment/demolition. The nursery staff and children will move to Kirn in August and in October will move to the new Kirn Primary school until the end of the refurbishment works (planned for somewhere in 2018).

2. There is a national parent council meeting taking place in Glasgow on 13.3.2017. The focus will be on improving the link between the parent council and the school. MD feels this is not an issue needing improvement for DPS parent council and is not intending to attend. However, if any parent would like to attend the meeting, they can get further information on this from her.

3. Questionnaires outcome: Generally there was very high feedback and a lot of parents and pupils filled these out and returned them to the school. Parents and pupils were generally pleased with pupils’ advancements. The main area for development was a lot of parents were not sure about the amount of involvement the pupils have in setting their personal targets. This issue will be emphasized at the next parent’s night. The school sent out 188 parent questionnaires, of them 133 were returned. Pupils stated the main area for improvement was worries in the playground surrounding bullying. Pupils felt they can only go to specific members of staff regarding this issue. As a result, the school had a clan day where they emphasized that pupils can go to any member of staff that is in the playground if they are worried or feel bullied. They also made a bully box. More info regarding the outcome of these questionnaires will be released after being compiled by management staff.


Parent Council Meeting June 2016


Highly Able Pupils Framework


Highly Able Pupils Consultation


Dunoon Primary School Parent Council Meeting
Tuesday 25th August 2015, 7pm, Dunoon Primary School Gym Hall
Present: Ailsa Crofts, Katie Martin, Keith Murphy, Susan Hamilton, Julie Henderson, Melanie Drummond, Olga and Frank Joubert, Maggie McLay, Janis Lacis, Senga Wakefield, Elaine Stewart, Morag MacDonald, Lindsey McPhail, Maris Ikers, Claire Walker, Gillian Judd
Apologies: Andrea Moir, Karen MacGilp
Introductions: Elaine carried out introductions and welcomed everyone to the meeting.
Staffing: Elaine explained there were two staff members currently off sick. Primary two is currently being covered by Helen Addis and Elaine Connor in Susan McEwans absence. This post is currently being advertised as Susan is not expected to return before the New Year.
The nursery also has two members of staff in to cover both sickness and maternity cover.
Curriculum: The school roll has increased to 215 pupils this year.
Elaine highlighted the success of the Kodu Team and the recognition this has brought the school. It is hoped that funds can be used to purchase the IT to develop a peer learning program.
This term will be focussed on literacy and numeracy with the topic ‘Our School/Our Community’. This will involve pupils learning about the history of the school as well as looking to the future and the refurbishment. It is hoped to develop links with local businesses. Senga explained that the older pupils had been going into local care homes which proved beneficial to all involved.
Elaine advised the school wishes to build on relationships with parents. This links with the improvement plan and increased parental involvement. It is the intention to invite parents to class to provide input.
Senga advised that she will be teaching French this year. It is hoped that the outdoor learning which was so successful last year will be continued.
Moira explained her role as Principal Teacher of Early Years. This includes the nursery staff and she is actively supporting them with Care Inspectorate returns. This has proved particularly challenging due to staff changes and increase in numbers.
A discussion took place around developing a Facebook page for the school. It was recognised that this would be an effective way of keeping parents informed given the increase in social media. Moira and Julie to liaise to progress this.
Elaine advised that the Benmore trip for P7’s this year will cost approx £100 per pupil. It is hoped to hold a meeting with parents in the near future to discuss fundraising.
The constitution was discussed and the fact that this would need to be updated. Maggie confirmed that this would need to be approved at the AGM. It was agreed that Julie would look over this to identify changes needed. A notification of the AGM will need to be placed in local paper. A letter will then be issued to parents advising of AGM and the fact the constitution will be changed. Both documents to be made available on the website for parents to view. Julie to place notification with paper.
It was clarified that the PTA should be a subcommittee of the Parent Council and as such, and for convenience, it was agreed that meetings for both should take place on the same evening one following the other. Maggie advised that as a subcommittee, the PTA should be covered by the insurance from Argyll and Bute Council.
AGM to take place on Wednesday 23rd September 7pm.
It was confirmed that PTA accounts will need to be audited before the AGM
Maggie advised that Parent Council should receive monies from the Local Authority for sundries/postage etc. It is thought that this money has always gone to the PTA. Maggie confirmed that this should not be the case and agreed to check the account which this fund is being paid to.
Elaine advised an amendment to the letters issued to parents. These should have read automatic entitlement to the ‘parent body’ and not ‘parent council’
Date of Next Meeting: AGM 23rd September 7pm.

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The above document is the proposed Constitution for the Parent Council 2015. We would welcome any comments or suggestions you may have. Please come along to the AGM on Wednesday 23rd September at 7 p.m.

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The above document is the previous Constitution for the Parent Council.


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