Daffodil Tea 2017







Dunoon Primary held its Annual Daffodil Tea on Thursday March 30th. Our Senior Citizens from the local community joined us for a wonderful afternoon of music, samba drumming, fiddle, chanter and singing from our choir and P4/5/6. The show was carefully presented by our terrific P7 pupils who had produced entertaining introductions for each act themselves.


First up was the choir with a medley of three songs including Yellow Submarine, Yellow Brick Road and the The Dark Island. This was followed by our wonderful dancers who entertained the audience with the ‘Sailors Hornpipe’, The Jig, Seann Triubhas and the Highland Fling. The fiddlers were up next playing very skilfully and tunefully followed by some chanter music. Ex Dunoon Primary pupils from Dunoon Grammar treated us to their musical talent with a medley of fiddle and piano tunes . Primary 4/5 have been learning about the USA and sang whole heartedly ‘This Land Is My Land’ followed by ‘Fifty Nifty United States’. The smiles on the faces of the pupils and the audience were a delight to see and it was certain the afternoon was a roaring success. The show finished with P6 on the Samba Drums. a very lively ending to a brilliant afternoon. The guests were treated to home baking and tea and coffee and the feedback from all was that it was a great performance with fantastic variety! Mrs Morag Macdonald Acting Head teacher thanked the pupils and staff for their hard work which enabled all pupils from the upper school classes to take part in this annual event in the School’s Calendar.

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Bronze Sports Awards

Four Argyll and Bute schools have been named among the first 15 schools in Scotland to be recognised with a gold SportScotland School Sport Award..

Argyll and Bute was one of three local authorities chosen to take part in a pilot scheme for the awards, which recognise schools’ innovation and achievement in delivering physical education and extra-curricular sport.

The council’s Executive Director for Community Services, Cleland Sneddon, said, “Delivering quality education services that create opportunities for our young people is a priority, and our focus on preparing them to live active, healthier lives starts as early as possible – in our schools.

“This is a marvellous achievement, with Argyll and Bute winning four gold, twelve silver and eleven bronze awards. Congratulations to the schools, the pupils, our PE Co-ordinator and our Active Schools staff – they have all done a great job also to Mrs  Shonna Derrett for organising this for us at Dunoon Primary.

The eleven Bronze Awards were achieved by – Castlehill Primary School, Dalintober Primary School, Dunoon Primary School, Gigha Primary School, Glenbarr Primary, Hermitage Primary, Rothesay Primary School, Southend Primary School, St Andrew’s Primary School, Tarbert Academy Primary and Dunoon Grammar School.”

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World Book Day 2017

Celebrated for more than 20 years, World Book Day sees authors, illustrators and readers alike celebrate literature and dress up as their favourite characters. Here’s all you need to know about the event – and some crucial last-minute costume ideas…

 What happens on World Book Day?

The aim of World Book Day is to celebrate books and reading and is marked in a total of 100 countries around the world.

Both primary schools and secondary schools up and down the country take part as a way of encouraging children to see reading as a hobby.

Many schools run special activities to show how reading books can be fun and to allow kids to discover new authors.

For World Book Day, Dunoon Primary School brought in their favourite book and a comfy pillow to lean on. When the afternoon came they spent it peacefully reading with their friends. It was also a non-uniform day. Overall Dunoon Primary enjoyed the day and are looking forward to next year!



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Mad Hair Day 2017

The school are also participating in British Science Week and today they came to school with “Mad Scientist” hairdos to raise some money for Nano Science Team from Strathclyde University and  the various Science workshops taking place from Allied Energy who are all STEM Ambassadors.


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#lotsofsocks for down syndrome

On Tuesday 21st March, the staff and children of Dunoon Primary School  came to school wearing odd socks. Why? To take part in World Down’s Syndrome. Staff and children in the Learning Centre donated to World Down Syndrome Day and bought official “lots of socks” socks while other children choose to wear their brightest and most colourful socks.

World Down Syndrome Day is celebrated on March 21st as people with Down’s Syndrome have an extra chromosome 21 in their genetic makeup. Children have been watching videos to learn more about Down’s Syndrome and some children even tried writing with socks on their hands as this is what it feels like for some Down’s Syndrome children when they learn to write.

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Nano Science 2017



Nano Science Comes to Dunoon Primary

This week Dr Joy Leckie and her team came from Strathclyde University to Dunoon Primary School to introduce the P1-4s to Nano Science. The Primary 1 and 2 classes were involved in making nano jelly. Primary 3 and 4s learned about polymers, lacing beads to make a bracelet and had the experience of mixing ingredients to make a bouncy ball. It was a messy job, but thoroughly enjoyable!

Dr Joy Leckie and her team arrived to do a workshop yesterday 14th March and spent the day working with P1-P4.

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P7 Pupil Donates Hair To Charity

On Friday 10th of February P7 Pupil-Kate Low donated her hair to The little Princess Trust http://www.littleprincesses.org.uk/donate-hair/ . Kate is an amazing P7 girl, who decided to do this to make someones life happy who has been through Chemotherapy. Dunoon Primary is very proud of Kate and any other pupils who are thinking of doing such a wonderful thing for this tremendous charity.

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Digital skills – Peer to Peer Learning

Each Wednesday some of the P6 pupils are learning from their peers P7 Tech Club, Ian, Callum and Kate along with Mrs Peek. The pupils enjoyed the club very much and the feedback at the end was amazing. The Tech Club instructed the pupils how to code a Micro-Bit. There was various coding instructions ie. Creating a heart with the l e d s, coding their own name into the Micro bit and using it port ably. The p7s enjoyed the challenge of getting the chance to use their skills in Digital Learning with other pupils.

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Dunoon Primary Clan Day


Dunoon Primary held on the 7th of February, a whole school Clan day. The pupils were split into Clan MacCallum,  Hunter, Campbell and MacQueen. The atmosphere was one of excitement as the pupils gathered together in groups to discuss Rights & Responsibility, Anti-bullying and we even gathered letters to send to the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and this will be organised by our wonderful Head Boy & Girl Team, Callum Crofts & Ceana Walker. One of the slogans from Clan MacQueen was ‘Be a buddy- Not a bully!’ along with other great ideas from other Clans. At the end of the day the pupils were enthusiastic and enjoyed the challenge of the day!!

Clan Day P1060661 P1060663 P1060665 P1060666 P1060670 P1060671 P1060673 P1060674 P1060675 P1060676 P1060679 P1060680 P1060682 P1060685 P1060687 P1060688 P1060689 P1060690 P1060693 P1060695 P1060697 P1060699 P1060701

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P1-3 Perform Lights Camel Action!

P1060570 P1060571 P1060572 P1060568 P1060563 P1060562 P1060558 P1060551 P1060549 P1060544 P1060543 P1060542 P1060529 P1060578 P1060581 P1060596 P1060589 P1060588 P1060586 P1060584 P1060601 P1060602 Lights Camel Action

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