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P6 Mrs M Simeone

Dunoon Primary P6 have been very busy working on a project funded by the Burgh hall. It’s called Stories, Stones and bones and we have been researching the local history of Dunoon, with help from Margaret Hubbard. The pupils came up with the idea of making a film about the town called ‘Dunoon History Hunters’. They researched the history of local landmarks and buildings including Dunoon pier, Dunoon Castle and the Castle house museum, The Pavillion and Queen’s hall, Highland Mary, the old fever hospital, the Burgh hall and the former Queens hotel in Kirn. They have also reported on the history of our school and famous people from Dunoon, including Harry Lauder, Sylvester McCoy and more. Two pupils have also broached the current controversy surrounding Jim Crow. They are now working with film maker Alasdair Satchel to film their reports in these locations and are very excited to see their finished film.










Primary 6 raised in excess of £535 at the recent Christmas Fayre! They sold tablet shaped like a reindeer, mugs with snowman faces and a personalised name, this family believes signs for Christmas with small stockings attached on hooks. The pupils worked so hard to achieve this fantastic sum. They will be donating some to school funds and the rest will be used for their trip at the end of the year.



























The primary 6 class were assisting Mrs Derrett to make tablet for a stall for the Christmas Fayre.


P6 have been planting trees this week to encourage the birds to come to our Dunblane Garden. This is part of the Eco Forest project to encourage pupils to plant trees and help the wildlife live.

Primary 6’s homework is to watch Spring watch.

We (primary 6’s) go outdoors almost every Tuesday, sometimes we go geo-cashing but recently we have started doing tree studies. Its a bit wet sometimes but that doesn’t stop us! Sometimes we fare better than other times but its fun none the less !  Cameron MacRaild P6







World Book day 2017


Loch Fyne Oyster Visit

On Tuesday the 28th of March 2017, P6 went to Loch Fyne Oysters. We saw where they process the oysters, there were 45 tanks. Leanne said “It takes 5-6 years to grow to full size oysters”.  Loch Fyne has a 20 years old oyster. We all got to feel the oyster, it was really heavy! It was at least 10 pounds. They had just packed up a massive delivery that was going to Arab Jumerah in Dubai! There were almost 40 boxes of oysters.

We went back on the bus to go to the oyster bar. We tasted  lots of different  types of salmon, Braddon Rost was one of them. Leanne gave us a presentation on different jobs and where they get the salmon from. We had a terrific day and we enjoyed the tastings very much!

Written by Laurie Thorup P6



We are now beginning our interdisciplinary  topic about ‘Fishing In Scotland’ We will be learning about the fish we catch, fishing methods, life cycles and imports / exports .We will also have a visit to Loch Fyne Oysters on Tuesday 21st March. Where we will have a chance to visit the oyster beds and also have a tasting session.


Maths – This term we will be continuing our number work, including fractions and will also be learning about measurement.



Language and Literacy

At the moment we are working hard to write stories for the BBC Radio 2 500 word story competition.


P6 have been working hard to learn as much as possible for the ‘Euroquiz’. Well done to our fabulous team Neve, Tommy, Ava and Olivia – Who did fantastic job!



We are primary 6, Dunoon Primary School. We have been working really hard so far this year. In writing we have written autobiographies and we are still working on our Big Writing adventures, Nelson Grammar and Handwriting.

In maths we have been doing factors, prime numbers, grid method for multiplication, time and negative numbers.

Throughout PE we have been doing Netball, Better Movers Better Thinkers, Gymnastics and we have started going on walks up the hills.

For our topic at the moment we are doing a wooden personalised gifts stall at the Christmas Fayre, we have been working on our order forms and working out the funds.We also had a day when we baked cakes and made milkshakes and sold them to the school.

By Olivia and Neve

P6 were delighted to find out they were the winners of the “Act Crafty” competion. The judges were very impressed with our “fantastic” models – which were all made from natural materials and represented local landmarks or scenes. With our £250 prize money we will be funding our “Crafty Christmas” enterprise and hope to put proceeds of this towards a great school trip and school funds.








P6 2016-17

term 1 P6

P7/6 2015-16

This term Mrs Simeones P7/6 class has been learning about reporting news, gathering news, and writing news. Recently we were put into four groups and had to create our own news bulletins they had to include a sports report, a weather report, an entertainment report and three general news reports. The four groups worked really hard and succeeded. Now we are creating a class news bulletin about our schools past, present and future. Our final News Bulletin will be shown on our Schools Open Day.

By Ceana and Ellie