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P5/4 Mrs Shell

Ben from Grab Trust came to tell us how to keep the beach and sea clean. In the afternoon we went to the beach to help clean it.

Session 2017/18

Alex and Abbey collecting Bronze Sport Award at Dunoon Grammar School presented by Dick Walsh Councillor.



P5 had a terrific sporting opportunity at the Police Sports. They did so well in all areas relay races and running 50m and 100m.

There was a Tug of War at the end and lots of cheers for pupils. Well done everyone. Medals on Monday at school.



Orienteering with Mrs Derrett


Mrs Wakefield and P5 got joint 1st in a competition with Falkirk primary. They went to Edinburgh for the day on Friday to collect their prize.









P5 has enjoyed making masks

P4/5 held their Christmas Party on Tuesday afternoon (19th December) and the two classes had a super time!

Mrs Wakefield, Mrs Bryant and Mrs Donald introduced some exciting games e.g. Pass the Parcel, Musical Arms and Corners. The children took part really enthusiastically and you can tell from the smiles on their faces that they were in the festive spirit. Lots of dancing and fun was had by all!

p4/p5 Christmas Party 023 028 046 052 060 067 068 071 075 077 079 082 089 093 103 108 114 125 132 135 138 139 145 146 147


















































































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Visit to Ardnahein Care Home with Mrs Wakefield!

The residents were treated to French songs and fun from P5 with Mrs Wakefield, lots of smiling faces in the care home and they all wanted the children to return!
French Competition – (see French Blog)  French P5 video 

With many many grateful thanks to Mrs Mary Peek, classroom assistant extraordinaire and ICT magician.  P7 Pupil  Callum Crofts  Lunch time Tech Club wizard, Madame Honorine Shaw for her wonderful advice and support, Mrs Elaine Stewart for allowing us to take part in this exciting adventure. Mrs Marion Wright for being the best ship builder, this side of the Clyde. Ardnahein Care Home for allowing us into their precious home to entertain them and  not forgetting my nifty little word processers, Ceana Walker P7 and Ian Stewart P7.




Steven Simpson and Blair McColm from the Learning Technologies Department called in to give a workshop on coding with app Lightening Lab and Spark + Sphero Balls. P5 were amazed at what they could do and thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience!

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Spark + Day!


term 1 P5

P5/6 2015-16

Term 3

The year end is fast approaching and what a busy year it has been! The children have worked hard all year and are more than ready for their holidays. Look out for Learning Journeys and reports coming home this week – please take time to read this with your child and comment on their learning.

We have had 3 pupils join the class this term and it is great to see them settling in so well. The children have tried very hard to make them feel welcome in class and already firm friendships have been made.

Our topic this term has been “Earth and Space” and the children have been working in groups to research the different planets. They also did some independent research about Tim Peake and we look forward to following his return to Earth later this month. We will also look at the phases of the moon and space stations – if we have time!

We enjoyed a class trip to the Glasgow Science Centre earlier in the term. We were also lucky to get tickets to be part of the audience for a brand new television show “Top Class” and the children loved the experience at the BBC Studios. We still don’t have a broadcast date but I will let you know as soon as I can so the children don’t miss seeing themselves on tele!

Other highlights of this term have been the Samba drumming workshops, Sports Day and the Clan Sports and the Police Sports. P6s have also taken part in the iCycle cycling proficiency programme and are learning how to play rugby. Still to come is the non choir children trip to DGS for the “Back to the 80s” show and the choir trip to the cinema.

As we have had such nice weather we have been doing lots of PE outside. Please encourage your child to keep their PE kit in school as we do not have a regular PE slot for the next few weeks.

Where’s Wally Open Afternoon



















British Science Week started with a bang – Really Small Science team came from Strathclyde University to do workshops with our class. Dr. Sc. Joy Leckie and her team worked well to ensure a fun time was had by all our class.











P6/5 Really Small Science

This term the class will be studying “Wally’s World”. This will include some Social Studies / Geography lessons learning about the location of continents and oceans and a more in depth personal study of a country of choice. The children will also learn about the characters in “Where’s Wally?” and will create a “Where’s Wally?” style comic.

Maths and Language setting continues this term on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Maths and Spelling homework will be issued on Mondays to be returned on Thursdays. Children will also have reading homework throughout the week.

In PE this term, children will be developing tennis skills on Wednesdays and learning some Scottish country dances on Thursdays.

In ICT, Mrs Peek is working with the children to create a simple game using Kodu programming.
Markuss Meiluns said ” Its really fun programming Kodu and I have created a world that you have to dodge bullets from other sprites and if you eat an apple you win the game!”

Mrs Wakefield continues to work with the class on Tuesday afternoons, providing French and Science lessons. This term’s Science focus is sound and communication.

We have started sketching every day in class; already we have noticed a huge improvement in our drawing skills. It also helps us to focus after busy lunchtimes in the playground. We enjoyed some sunshine and took our sketch pads outside to sketch the buildings around the school. Hopefully we can do this again soon because the children loved it!

More photos to follow soon …


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