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P4/3 Mrs S Donald

Session 2017/18
St Johns Church. 
On the 1st June 2017 P4 visited St Johns Church. When they arrived the P4’s met Deacon McLaren who told to them a bit about Religious Buildings! Everyone who took part really enjoyed it and learned a lot.
Orienteering with Mrs Derrett!
Tuesday 23 May 2017 P5 took the opportunity to do some Orienteering practice. Great fun was had by all. Thank you to Mrs Derrett who was out early in the morning setting it all up for us.
 Mrs Peek and the six Digital Leaders come to our class every Monday afternoon and we build models with Lego Wedo. It is a bit hard but we are learning fast.
 Dunoon Primary held their annual Health Week recently and there was lots of exciting sports on offer, Shinty, Tennis and Skipping among the most popular. The Nurse and Ambulance staff were present and the P1-p3 pupils had a great time beeping the alarm on the Ambulance.
P4 learned the correct handwashing technique and how to avoid spreading germs to each other.
Some girls in Primary 4 came to school in their Brownie uniform on Wednesday the 22nd of February because it was Thinking Day for the Girl Guide Movement all over the world.  The girls had a chance to explain to the class about their badges and what they had to do to achieve them.  It all sounded like very hard work, but they all felt it was very worthwhile.
On Friday 24th February, Dunoon Primary were very lucky to have Morag McCracken visit them.  Morag works for the TSB,  and came to talk to the pupils about budgeting and saving.  She brought along a little booklet filled with activities to do, and talked to them about how their lives in the future might be affected if they didn’t know how to budget.  All of the children were very capable when giving examples of the differences  between needs and wants following our recent Clan day, and hopefully this will help them to think ahead to their future lives and the importance of saving and budgeting!!!!!








P5/4 enjoying their Christmas Party!
P5/4 Christmas party






P4 Christmas PartyDSCN0116 DSCN0115 DSCN0114 DSCN0113 DSCN0105 DSCN0106 DSCN0107 DSCN0108 DSCN0111 DSCN0103 DSCN0102 DSCN0101 DSCN0100 DSCN0099 DSCN0094 DSCN0095 DSCN0096 DSCN0097 DSCN0112 DSCN0098 DSCN0092 Virtual Games




































































Primary 4 have been taking part in the Virtual Games this week during P.E..  The Virtual Games are held in our school, but we are competing against other schools in the competition. There are nine different activities to complete, with each activity lasting just three minutes.  In that time, the teams have to score as many points as possible. They have been practising the activities at lunch time with Mrs Derrett over the last three weeks and are hoping that their final points total will reflect how hard each team has been working.



Last week at the Christmas Fair, the pupils sold their stockings and Christmas Tree decorations.  They managed to raise £71 which is fantastic!  The class haven’t decided yet what they will spend their money on, but would like to thank everyone who supported them in this venture.


Sandbank Primary was welcomed into our P4 class today to demonstrate their creativity and IT skills and they also showed super presentation ability. They spoke confidently and they had produced magnificent slideshows along with our own Primary 4 Mrs Donald’s Class. Mr Donald from P4/5 Sandbank Primary said ” He was amazed at the feedback given to the pupils as they had a question and answering session after each powerpoint”. Both schools were very well behaved and enjoyed this shared practise and hope to see more in the future, with perhaps a visit to Sandbank.










Library visit P4 P1060448 P1060449 P1060450 P1060451 P1060452

Primary 4 were very busy on Wednesday morning making Christmas decorations to sell at the School Fayre on the 1st December. They all worked extremely hard to produce some fantastic looking decorations.  Everyone in P4 would like to thank Mrs Murphy and Ms Garrod for all their help, and for giving up their time to come in and help us.  We will be discussing prices for our decorations in maths to ensure we manage to make a profit!  Look out for our stall at the Christmas Fayre.


This week it was the turn of Primary 4 to visit the library. At the library we learned that there are over three and a half thousand children’s books and around fourteen thousand books in the adult section. Some people got to choose a book because they were already members of the library, but others have got to complete an application form to allow them to borrow books.

We walked to and from the library, and appreciated the dry, sunny day! Thank you to Mrs Murphy for coming to help us.

If your child brings home a pink form for the library, they would like to join the library – and it’s FREE!

The library is open most days and the librarians are all very welcoming and enthusiastic, and especially keen to welcome new members.

term 1 P4

P5/4 2015-16

Wheres Wally Open Afternoon

Primary 5/4 invited their family and friends into their classroom last Wednesday to allow them to see all of the hard work they had put in to their ‘Where’s Wally?’ topic.  There were many Wally Watchers to be seen around the class, with a variety of disguises on show. 
The class had studied different continents and selected a country from within each continent to look at in more depth.  From their findings, they produced a travel brochure which highlighted what they felt were the features that would encourage someone to visit the country of their choice.  They filmed a short advert which also promoted their country of choice.  The adverts were very informative and entertaining! 
Everyone had a fun afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed welcoming our visitors and showcasing their hard work.

elaine3 elaine5 elaine16 elaine17 elaine18 elaine19


Nano Science

Nano Science 029

Nano Science 031

Nano Science 038

Nano Science 040 (2)

Nano Science 060

Nano Science 061Nano Science 023

Nano Science 024

Nano Science 022

Nano Science

MR Munro - Open Day













Open Day Talk:
Mr Munro’s Visit
He told us about compass directions. There is northwest, northeast, southwest, southeast, north, south, east and west. He worked at sea on boats and sometimes pirates tried to get on board the ship to steal all the things. He had guns and it scared the pirates. The pirates have big machine guns and catapults. He told us about different ships like Disney Magic. On it he told us about the tables and how they turned different colours and how Peter Pan sleeps on a hammock on top of the ship. I really want to be a navigator.
By Jiorrja P5/4

Digital Learning

Primary 5/4 have had an exciting time learning how to write computer code using LEGO Wedo. They have managed to build and programme lots of different models, and they have been demonstrating their learning to others. On Thursday 10th March, the class went on a trip (on a beautiful day) to Innellan Primary School. They were meeting the pupils from Innellan, Toward and St Mun’s Primaries who had been involved in the same project as themselves.
Each group got a chance to ‘Showcase’ their learning. They also had a chance to try out the different skills and activities on offer. The other schools had used Kodu, so this meant that everyone in this class got a chance to try out programming using this.
Mr Clark had brought along some robotics to have a shot with – it was very popular!
We had a fantastic time, and enjoyed sharing our learning with others.













Digital Skills Workshops at Innellan Primary.




































Digital Learning with Lego We Do!
Primary 5/4 have been building, creating and programming 3D models using the Lego Wedo materials. Their challenges have set them the task of using code to program their models to operate in different ways.
They are working as teams and developing their problem solving strategies to meet the challenges.
They have also been very busy raising funds through “Guess how many sweets in the jar”.
Once they have enough money they are going to buy a stock of pencils to sell to other pupils at playtime, at a cost of 10p per pencil!

Lego WeDo P1040549 P1040550 P1040551 P1040552 P1040553 P1040554

During our first term, our topic was based around Dunoon and the Community.  Primary 5/4 focussed on looking at the shops in Argyll Street, comparing them in the past to what is there now.  We visited the Castle House Museum and took a trip along Argyll Street to look at the buildings and shops.  The whole class found this an extremely enjoyable topic as they learned lots of new things about the way Dunoon looked in the past, and could compare it to the way Argyll Street is today.

Our topic this term is going to be based on researching different countries around the world.  Having been given a Continent to focus on, the children have selected a country within this Continent to study in more depth.  We will also be looking at Where’s Wally? Books and comics which are related to these countries.

In maths this term, our focus will be on multiplication and division – so plenty of times tables practise at home!  We will also be looking at fractions, money and information handling related to our new topic.


Ashgrove IMG_0120 IMG_0121







P5/4 entertained the residents of Ashgrove with some wonderful Christmas songs including

‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’

‘Frosty The Snowman’

and ‘Santa Claus is coming to Town!’