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Learning Centre Mrs D Macdonald

Lc macdonald

Primary 2 Mrs M Macdonald’s class have been doing activity games with the children from the Learning Centre. They will be doing this on a regular basis working alongside the pupils in the Learning Centre. They have been baking and helping them with Lego and wooden construction sets.


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Learning Centre - Mrs MacDonald DSCN6102 DSCN6118 DSCN6144 DSCN6172 IMG_0443 IMG_0453

term 1 LC1


The children in the Learning Centre are involved in outdoor learning this term. We will be visiting places in our local environment such as the beach, Bishops Glen, and Benmore to learn about wildlife.

We are also planting, growing and caring for our own vegetables. Finally we are learning about the shops in our town and what we can buy from them.